Kids Quilts

Kids Quilts began as a part-time business in 2003. It was born out of a passion for sewing and love for children. The family owned and run New Zealand based company flourished and grew into a full-time business, specializing in the production of appliqué patterns and quilts designed specifically for children. The company gained worldwide recognition in 2005, after exhibiting at major trade shows in Australia, the U.K. and the USA. At the helm of the business is David Sharp, who manages daily operations and licensing. The creative side is managed by the amazing mother-daughter duo, Christine and Rachael. Together they have created over 80 patterns and quilts sold worldwide. Their successful collaboration is a direct result of their passion for quilting and crafting, and yes children! Their designs are bright and colourful and full of whimsy. Woodland Park is their very first line of quilting fabric ever produced. Find out more about Kids Quilts at


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